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Social Media Content: If It’s Old, Is It Useless? 🤔

We all get distracted by what’s new and shiny but when it comes to social media content, don’t discount the past.

old green rotary phone

I have a client that has been in business for more than 100 years. We recently posted invoices and customer receipts from over the decades. The logo has changed, prices have most definitely changed, and most of the writing was in cursive. Their customers loved seeing a peak behind the historical curtain.

Being in business for 100 years might sound extreme, but even if your business is 10 years old, or 20 years old, what’s changed? First-day photos, old documents – if there’s something that offers a look at how you did business and where you are now, what a great story!

Remember, interesting content is not a paragraph stuffed with keywords. Your history isn’t new and shiny, but in most cases, it’s worth a look at where you’ve come from -- and sharing that with your customers.


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