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The Big Cheese. The Queen Bee. Or, the Cheesy Bee. While I'm not sure that's the exact image I'd like to portray, I look forward to meeting you.

Headshot Kelly Webster.jpg
Kelly Webster
Owner & The Smallest Mind of Them All

For the last eight years, I have been partnering with various companies to manage their social media. It has been a pleasure to create an online strategy, add consistent content, and watch their digital presence grow. While I am a contractor, I feel an enormous sense of pride and ownership when my clients and their business succeed.

Prior to launching Small Minded Media, I worked in broadcasting for 12 years -- with the bulk of those years at ESPN Radio in Dallas. During my time there, I learned the importance of social media. We used this medium to break news, build relationships with our listeners, and promote upcoming events and appearances.​ It was a wonderful career and the gateway for starting my own business.

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