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You Don’t Need !!!!!!! to Get Their Attention

Lest you think I’ve traded my social media hat for a grammar police uniform, I assure you, I have not. As someone who often employs fragmented sentences, I doubt they’d have me on the force.

But I recently saw a post from a real estate agent, and she was very excited. Every sentence ended with multiple exclamation points. Every sentence. Large family room!!! Great neighborhood!! Three bathrooms!!! While I’m sure everyone would enjoy a media room (!!!), please ease up on the exclamation points.

You see, when everything is exciting, nothing is exciting. When you use (!!!) throughout a post, it comes across as a little hysterical, and that means your message is likely being lost. Trust me, you can use exclamation points sparingly and still have an effective message.

So when you want to add (!!!!!) over and over, please stop. At the most, try using one (!) per paragraph. You’ll come across much more calm and professional, and your message will be easier to read. Or should I say, your message will be easier to read!

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