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Why Your Website Isn’t Enough

The website for your business is as necessary as a phone number and email address. But if that’s your only online presence, you’re making a mistake.

See the woman in the photo? No one - and I mean no one - is staring at their computer, waiting for you to add something new to your website.

Let’s say you own an architecture firm, and you just signed your biggest client. This new client could change the profile of your firm or, at the very least, garner some recognition. And let’s say you post this amazing news on your website. Now what?

Whether I’m a fan of your work or a potential client, how do I know you posted that news on your website? I don’t. I have no way of knowing unless I’m stalking your website.

This is why you must utilize social media.

If you have a LinkedIn account, Facebook, Instagram, etc., you should be using those accounts to announce your new client, your new employee, progress on a project, or your work in the community. In most cases, it’s the only way people will read about your fantastic business.

Remember, you need a website, but if you want people to know what your business is up to, you must utilize social media.


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