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Stop Using Clickbait for Your Headline

Headlines promising imminent failure or absolute success are an incredible turn-off to most people. Occasionally, I’ll take the bait and read the article. It’s usually ridiculous. And what’s worse, they may have gotten me to bite, but in the end, they wrecked my trust. And that is very hard to get back.

There is a health website that sends weekly tips and articles to my inbox. They recently sent an email with the title, “Green Smoothies May Be Bad for Your Health.” What?! Oh no! I love smoothies.

The author spent the first portion of the article talking about how healthy green smoothies are. The last two paragraphs mentioned that if you’re drinking a green smoothie for every meal, it might soften your teeth because you aren’t chewing your food.

Are you kidding me?! If I drink a green smoothie every day for every meal, over a lengthy amount of time, my teeth might soften? I immediately unsubscribed, and I’ve never been back.

Be very careful with your titles and headlines. The people we buy from are those we know, like, and trust – and it’s possible to ruin someone’s trust with one clickbait headline. Be clever and creative with your headline, but don’t try to trick people into reading your content.


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