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2 Steps You Can Take on Social Media Right Now

I know what you’re thinking: I don’t have time for social media! I’m managing my business. I’m trying to create sales and grow. I’m trying to carve out five minutes for a walk. Just because social media is my business doesn’t mean I always have time to contribute to it. I get it.

So let’s pare this down and make it manageable …

Step 1: Pick one social media platform. Where are your customers hanging out? If they mainly use Facebook then choose Facebook. If you notice your customers mentioning LinkedIn then choose LinkedIn. If all else fails and you can’t decide, use your personal Facebook or Instagram account, and start there.

Yes, you will see websites that list six social media icons, offer a newsletter, and have fresh content every two days. These people are the devil and should not be cyber-stalked. But seriously, don’t try and keep up with the Jones. Or the Anyones. Pick one social media platform and that’s it.

Step 2: Commit to adding one piece of content every week. Aim for the same day each week, but it’s okay if you post a day early or a day late. Not sure what to post? Here’s a list of 10 items to choose from. Pick four that make sense to you and you’re looking at a month’s worth of content:

  • Announce a new client/project

  • Talk about a customer service moment you enjoyed

  • Adding a new product? Talk about it

  • Has an employee been with you for 10 years? Put them in the spotlight

  • Solve a problem you’re seeing frequently

  • Anything new in your industry

  • Are you putting any items on sale

  • Why did you start your business/ What do you love about your business

  • Are you doing any charity work

  • Highlight a customer/client

You’ll need to add a photo to each article. And listen, this doesn’t have to be a novella. Write a couple of sentences or a paragraph, and that’s it. The goal is to give your clients (and potential clients) insight into who you are and why you’re in business.

Social media is not going anywhere so you might as well make friends. Or at least be civil to each other. Start small -- follow these two steps and see where it takes you. You can do it!


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